Mixed media
2.60 m x 1.80 m

Last October each of the 12 rooms in the Hostal Delvi in Plaza Santa Ana were transformed by a group of international artists as part of Capetown II, a collaborative art event curated by Capetona.

‘Bed 1’ was the main piece I exhibited at the collective show. See bellow the text Will Furtado wrote about it:

Cristina Guitian’s installation piece ‘Bed 1’ presents an eerie world behind a veil of hazy memories transporting the viewer back to subdued broken dreams and interrupted life events.

Part installation, part sculpture, this enigmatic construction reflects Cristina’s current experimentation and fascination with the hybrid: the transformation of disparate and obsolete found objects into reborn creatures with a new purpose. The dismembered dolls lie around the bed and hang from the ceiling, but at the same time their once defunct parts are given a new life and form when merged with elements from a different context.

This rebirth also extends beyond this ‘room’, suggesting that life transcends itself when given a chance to be reinterpreted, eventually being revived by one’s thought and creative desire.

Text: Will Furtado
Video editing: Ewa Cognie

The hostal was open to the public on the 20, 21 & 22 of October showcasing visual art, theatre, live music, children’s workshops and much more…

Artists that took part in the show were: Sergi Margalef, Gabriel Moreno, Cristina Guitián, Óscar Llorens, Eduardo Bertone, Jordi Oliver, Gonzalo Puertas, Joan Tomás, Lluís Artús, Jaap Van Den Beukel, Mathieu Courivaud, Pedro Walter, Ángela Martín-Retortillo, Pablo Pro, Geso, Pablo Baudet, Mario de la Iglesia y David López Quincoces.