Memories of the <br>Structure of the Universe II

Memories of the
Structure of the Universe II

‘Memories of the Structure of the Universe II’, a 26 metre long mural, is my second commission for AMC Hospital in Amsterdam.

Placed in the hospital’s staff offices it follows the same ethos as ‘Memories of the Structure of the Universe’; it’s a reminder that there will always be a different way to see life – a surreal, lighthearted and above all personal approach to the marvel of being human.

The artwork illustrates the human body and the miracle of life with a completely different approach to the body to that of medicine. The offices occupy a long L shaped corridor and their walls are made out of glass. The artwork was placed on the font of each offices glass walls. Different textures such as semitransparent frost and opaque white are used throughout, and shapes were intentionally cut out from the main print leaving the naked glass. The result is a dynamic composition that actively uses the light and changes depending not only on the time of day, but also with the layering of the doors and walls whenever the doors are opened.

The AMC Hospital in Amsterdam is a hulking architectural monster on the edge of the city concealing one of the best hospitals in the country. In recent years the 9-storey children’s ward has been undergoing extensive redevelopment. Along with 8 other illustrators, all of us represented by Art Associates, I was commissioned twice by the local interior architecture studio Opera to bring some life to the space; first in 2009 when I worked on a 38 metre long mural and more recently in 2014 I have worked on this 26 m long surface.