Knotted Arms

Knotted Arms

Knotted Arms is the result of my second time intervening in the space of Shunt, my favorite venue in London and probably the biggest basement in town!

The piece created was part of the collective exhibition Art in Industry.

During 4 days, I was directing the creation of this massive plywood sculpture. The production team in Shunt constructed the wooden structure that holds the gigantic series of plywood boards across two of the massive vaults. These boards were cut to shape, creating lines by shadows, that were later combined with painted lines and text.

The main structure was built while the venue was closed but finishing the details was part of the live events in the evenings.

The piece is a tribute to those stories that have never told, that remain hidden or forgotten.

Face: Dige
Consultant: Gregory Ross 
Carpenter: Hugo Sterk 
Production: Daniel Smallman
Production: Daniel Silburn
Production: Karen Hsu
Production: Jack Lee
Production: Best
Production: Johnson.
Photographer: Carograph