El Comilón

El Comilón

de-construct commissioned me to create a mural under the title ‘Innovate or Die’ for the launch party of their first office in Amsterdam.

Innovation consists of bringing ideas to life – having an idea and then using it to change how something works. We can also think about innovation as being responsible for the death of all ideas whose technology has been improved.

‘El Comilón’ (The Eater) is a metaphor for the rivalry between ideas and technologies in general. The creature is at once eating his friends, colleagues and enemies. If we look at the scene in detail we realise that the creature is also being eaten by other smaller creatures. This makes the spectator think about the fragility of power and the market pressures that all ideas must obey. There’s a constant demand for finding new ways and trying new methods to improve old ones.

Innovation demands a fearless attitude that lets the pioneer fail as many times as necessary, in order to learn from their experiences and eventually find a solution. For something to be truly innovative it has to be radical enough to stand out from the rest yet be practical in its commercial application.

Text by: Zoltan Csaki