Back in Spring I worked on a collaboration with the industrial design studio amigo & amigo for the ‘Mythology’ exhibition in Sydney.

‘Duality is at the heart of mythology and the basic structure of myth.’ Claude Levi-Strauss, 1968.

‘Desalada’ takes my illustration of ‘Duality’ to the 3 dimensions: we developed the character further with new drawings to print on clear acrylic and display them on layers, appearing as the character has depth in space.

Mythology has been an essential tool used throughout history to express the unspoken truths of existence. Within mythology’s extensive anthology the notion of ‘duality’ is rife. From two-headed beasts to amorphous beings, the antagonistic forces of good and evil; physical and spiritual; civilised and instinctive, are a continuous motif.

Desalada explores the ‘truth’ of duality in a modern context. The two faced mythological character represents the dual experience of the individual. The human face exists as the compliant, civilised side of the being. The animal embodies her repressed instincts and basic desires. Both are mutually exclusive, but essential parts.

The human and the animal inhabit the same body in denial that the other exists and seemingly unperturbed by the other’s occupancy. This joining of the beings highlights how the dichotomy of our own personalities is intrinsically linked and essential for existence.