Brighten up your Day

Photography: Toks Majek

Brighten up your Day

Back in October I was one of 13 artists commissioned by CIDA to beautify a builders hoarding in Brick Lane, protecting the Jamme Mosque and the construction of a steel tower that will act as a landmark in the Spitafields area.

The Mosque was originally built in 1743 as a French Protestant Church. It became a Methodist Chapel in 1819 and then in 1898 became the Spitalfields Great Synagogue. It was only in 1976 that it became a mosque.

The building has a sundial with the latin inscription ‘Umbra Sumus’, or, ‘We are Shadows’. The inscription acts as a reminder about the ephemeral nature of life on earth. It has an added significance as plenty of immigrants from very different cultures have made this area home.

‘We are all Shadows so BRIGHTEN UP your DAY’ is my direct response to the sundial and belief in the equality of all people.