Brainstorm Shop

Photography: Manuel Vázquez

Brainstorm Shop

Marcelo Pena Costa & Denis Kakazu recently commissioned me to create a poster for Brainstorm Shop. The artwork has been awarded with a Slice D&DA Award and will be included in their 2012 Annual.

Brainstorm Shop is a workshop in São Paulo covering Brainstorming and design thinking processes. Based on my still life sculptural work, Denis and Marcelo gave me complete freedom to come up with a visual interpretation of the workshop’s title.

I then put together a group of tactile objects to represent the multitude of ideas generated in the Brainstorming process. Their diversity illustrates how criticism is put on hold to welcome the unusual and encourage new ways of thinking.

Some of these objects in combination compose the title of the workshop, not visible at first glance but camouflaged in the group of objects. The composition was photographed by Manuel Vázquez and printed to its real size.